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Texas Vinyl

Special Order Request

Whether it is a simple change in color to an already existing pattern or transfer, a custom design just for you, or printing 100+ logos for company t-shirts: TVD has you covered. Fill out the form below and we will give you a quote and time estimate for your custom project. As soon as your quote is paid for, our designer gets to work on your specialized project. It's just that simple!

Sending us a ready to print file can help make your custom project get finished faster.

Recommended File Specs:

  • .PNG or .SVG with transparent background

    • Transparent area will be cut away

  • Same size/dimensions you want printed or larger

  • 300dpi

JPEGs are usually fine if you are just printing a photograph but please make sure they are large and high quality images.

We can usually also work with .AI or .PSD files if you have those.

Please fill out the form to submit a custom order quote/request

Email design files to:

Will TX Vinyl be applying the design and/or proving garments?

Thanks for submitting! We'll email you within the next 24 hours with either a quote or a request for more information. Please make sure you send all design files to

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